Alexandre Bergel

Full-time Assistant Professor at the University of Chile, member of the Pleiad research laboratory.

My research interests include big data, software performance, software visualization, modularity, programming environment. I am interested in improving the way we build and maintain software. My current hypothesises are formulated around dynamically typed languages, in particular Pharo and VisualWorks, and monitoring the static and dynamic aspects of software.

For details concerning my research, check out the publications page or check out the common online resources (Google Scholar, DBLP). To make my research artifacts not only useful to stack papers, I co-founded Object Profile.

I like to work with people. Great things cannot be done alone. If you like programming and want to change the World, then come to see me. I am quite open to work topics. As soon as your dream is to help the humanity to make better software, then we should talk.

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I am part of the Steering Committee of International Working Conference on Software Visualization (VISSOFT) and the Workshop on Software Visualization, Evolution, and Maintenance (VEM).

















Some projects for students are listed below. These projects have an emphasis on research and are suitable for a short research experience (e.g., trabajo dirigido, internship) or a longer one (e.g., master, PhD, Postdoc). Collaboration with other researchers at the DCC and in foreign Research Centers is also expected. Feel free to get in touch with me for more information. It is also likely these projects will be financially sponsored.

Alexandre Bergel is Assistant Professor and researcher at the University of Chile. Alexandre Bergel and his collaborators carry out research in software engineering and software quality, more specifically on code profiling, testing and data visualization.

Alexandre Bergel has authored over 100 articles, published in international and peer reviewed scientific forums, including the most competitive conferences and journals in the field of software engineering. Alexandre has participated to over 95 program committees of international events. Alexandre has also a strong interest in applying his research results to industry. Several of his research prototypes have been turned into products and adopted by major companies in the semi-conductor industry and certification of critical software systems.
Alexandre authored the book Agile Visualization and co-authored the book Deep Into Pharo.

My CV is available online.

When I am not in front of my computer, I practice Tae Kwon Do ITF. I train hard. See you in October 2016!

Contact information:

Prof. Alexandre Bergel
DCC, University of Chile
Beauchef 851, of. 308, Piso 3, Edificio Norte
8370459, Santiago, Chile

Phone: +56 9 913 123 81 (outside Chile), 9 913 123 81 (inside Chile)