Some of the picture taken before and after the TOOLS'10 federated conferences. Malaga is in the south of Spain, beautiful small city where Picasso grew up. Check this out

Spent a week end in Constitucion, a small town in the south of Chile. It has an amazing coast. Check this out

I enjoy free diving. Near Villefranche sur Mer is a delightful location for playing with fishes and see stars. Check this out

As previous years, the Carnaval de Nice 2009 is one of the big attraction of the French Riviera.

A few days in Bucharest to visit friends few friends that I meet few years ago, when I gave lecture. Bucharest is a pretty old town.

A few days in the North of Chile, in the Atacama desert. Incredible experience.

I am just back from Ukraine where I spent one week there. This country is gorgeous and people utmost friendly. Kind of holidays that make you sad when back home. (23/08/2007)

This year ICSOFT took place in Barcelona. I wandered in its narrow streets and enjoyed a sunny and warm weather. Pictures are online (07/2007)

Freiluftkino Schwarzenberg is an open-air cinema in Hackechermark, in the middle of Berlin. The highly alternative of this place make a very appealing atmosphere. (19/07/2007)

Few pictures of the SavignyPlatz tram station in Berlin. Maybe one of the few tram station where people do not grumble much while waiting for their train.

On July 10, 2007, I visited familly and INRIA of Sophia-Antipolis. The "place massena" has been completely rebuilt. This is lovely. Check this out :-).

Few pictures of Berlin Hauptbahnhof (July 1st, 2007). Pictures are now online.

On June 1, 2007, I spent 3 days in Copenhagen. A lovely town. Pictures are now online.

On February 25, Sunday, 2007, a Tae Kwon Do competition took place in Bray (Dublin co, Ireland). It was a good fun indeed. Pictures and videos are available.

I was invited to give some lectures at the University of Prague. I was also Keynote speaker at the Objekty Konference'06. Prague is a wonderful town. Here are some pictures.

A good friend of mine, Markus Gaelli, had his Ph.D. defence in Bern on November 13, 2006. I took few pictures.

Stephane Ducasse invited me to give a lecture in Annecy. I took few pictures from this lovely town -- November 9, 2006

Few pictures took from my balcony.

I won the main Ernst-Denert Prize 2006 for Software Engineering for my work on Classboxes. The ceremony was held in Dresden (Germany). Pictures are available -- 04 October 2006.

Pictures of the 1st International Conference on Software and Data Technologies (ICSOFT), Stubal, Portugal -- 11-14 September, 2006

Nice during the victory of France in Fourth Final, and Dublin during the Half Final -- July 1, 5, 2006

PhD Defence of Juan cARlos Cruz -- June 19, 2006

Some pictures of Howth when my brother was visiting me -- June 2006

Few pictures from a Irish dance evening -- June 2006

Paris, Invalides and Versailles -- April 2006

Nice -- April 2006

Galway (west of Ireland) -- April 2006

Pictures of the 5th International Symposium on Software Composition Symposium Church . 25-26 March 2006, Vienna, Austria

Pictures of the Open and Dynamic Aspect Languages Workshop. Co-located with AOSD 2006, Bonn, Germany.

Pictures of the banquet at AOSD'06

St Patrick's Church (18 March 2006). I usually do not take pictures within a church. However, St Patrick's church is considered more as monument/museum than a real church.

Family picture, my little brother and his bicycle! (18 March 2006).

London: hide park, parlement house, tower bridge... (7 March 2006)

Riots in Dublin (25 February 2006). A Unionist march in central Dublin turned violent after republican protesters tried to disrupt the parade.

Stockholm, again (February 2006).

Dublin by night (January 2006).

The Trinity College in Dublin. This is where I work now (January 2006)

Zurich (thanks to L. Meins) (October 2005).

San Diego and Los Angeles, California, USA (October 2005).

Erfurt, Germany (September 2005).

Stockholm, Sweden (September 2005).

Freiburg, in Breisgau, Germany (September 2005).

Floods In Bern (August 2005).

Beach in Nice (July 2005).

Holiday in Morocco (August 2005).

Holiday in Spain (August 2005).

Lounge along the Aare (July 16, 2005).

Walk in Grindelwald (July 17, 2005).

Compilation (Siam, Schweiz, UK, ...).

Bruxells and Bruges (Belgium). Jun 2005

Milano (Italia).

Gdansk (Poland).

Warsaw (Poland).

More to come soon!