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Athena Shell

Athena Shell may be invoked in one of two different modes: interactive, batch.

Interactive mode:

Interaction is activated with the -i arguments:
    java -cp athena-0.1.jar athena.engine.AthenaShell -i

A prompt owl: is displayed. You may now enter any valid Smalltalk expressions. Try the following expressions:
  • Object subclasses
  • Object methods
  • Class methods
  • Class addNewClass: (Object subclass: 'MyClass' variables: '' classVariables: '')
  • MyClass compileMethod: 'foo ^ 10'
  • MyClass new foo

Here a screenshot of a short session:

There is no global variables in Athena. You may want to use the class Var as a shortcoming. For example, a globally accessible variable x may be defined as follows:
    Var varAt: 'x' put: 20      "set 20 in 'x'"
    (Var@'x')                        "get the value of 'x'"

List of variables may be retrieved with Var allVariables

Enter quit to end the session.

Batch mode:

The option -f is used to provide a file name when Athena is started. Once loaded, you can open a prompt (-i) and/or evaluate a Smalltalk expression (-e).

The syntax of SmallWorld has to be used for scripts. The scripts folder contains few examples. Assuming you have a scripts folder that contains  the file, you can launch the shell with the following invocation:
    java -cp athena-0.1.jar athena.engine.AthenaShell -f scripts/ -e "System println: FooClass new helloWorld"

Note that the syntax will probably evolve over the time.