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By being implemented in Java, Athena should run as soon as a Java runtime is available on your computer. Athena uses the newly introduced Java 6 scripting API. Check the version of you Java runtime by typing java -version.

Download the archive (<130Kb). It contains the necessary jar files and an image.

With a Java 1.6 runtime:

If you're using Java 1.6, then just download athena-X.Y.jar file and the image. Two files need two files, athena-X.Y.jar and Athena.image. These files are contained in the archive .zip file.

To verify your installation, just type:
    java -classpath athena-0.1.jar athena.examples.HelloWorld

With a Java 1.5 runtime:

If the version of the Java runtime is lower than 1.6, then the following file has to be added to your CLASSPATH:
Then the jar file athena4J15.X.Y.jar has to be used since the class format changed between Java 1.5 and Java 1.6.

The same Athena.image file provided above has to be used.

The HelloWorld example should be run the following way:
    java -classpath athena4J15-0.1.jar:scripting.jar athena.examples.HelloWorld

Example of scripts:

A set of scripts may be downloaded or browsed online.

Source code:

The complete source code is available in a .zip file (<100 Kb).

Nightowl (Eclipse Plugin):
Simon Denier made a plugin eclipse for JSmall. You can get it from his website:

The archive is also available locally.

Bash script:

A convenient way to use Athena shell is to use this script. Edit it using a text editor and adjust the Athena installation directory. Adjust your PATH variable as well. Running this script will open an Athena shell. The command line you provide to this script are passed to the Java virtual machine when the shell is launched. You may therefore use athena -f . It uses the default image (Athena.image).

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